Join us and help end homelessness and hunger!

Introducing our "Infinite Unity" Diffuser Necklace. The design represents people uniting and holding hands, all over the world to promote peace, love, and hope.


LET'S UNITE! Earth Goddess Apothecary challenges people of all nationalities, and all walks of life, to Unite together in the fight to end homelessness and hunger in the United States.


The "Infinite Unity" Diffuser comes in a beautiful gift box, and with a bottle of specially blended essential oils that promote feelings of peace, love, and hope. This would make a great gift for a loved one while also giving the gift of Love & Hope to another!!


We have committed to give $5.00 for every "Infinite Unity" Diffuser Necklace sold, to local shelters. Join us and support to those who need our help.


Local shelters have wonderful rehabilitation programs to end the vicious cycles that many go through to ensure that they are successful in their fight against homelessness and hunger.