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Essential Oils are very concentrated and some are toxic if taken internally. They should never be taken internally or applied to the skin undiluted unless approved by a professional. A safe blend contains between 0.5%-5% total essential oil using the following guidelines 25% Base Note Oil, 45% Middle Note Oil, and 30% Top Note Oil (For example: if you are adding 120 total drops you would add 30 drops base note, 54 drops middle note, and 36 drops top note). Please see the chart below for the recommended amount of drops.


Dilution %               4 fl. oz.         8 fl. oz.                   


0.5%                     12 Drops       24 Drops 


1%                        24 Drops       48 Drops 


2%                        48 Drops       96 Drops 

3%                        72 Drops     144 Drops

5%                      120 Drops     240 Drops


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